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The European Surgical Institute (ESI) is one of Europe’s leading centres for Continuing Medical Education (CME). Our mission is to measurably improve the success of individuals and organizations involved in the health care industry.


Our courses teaching the latest minimally invasive surgery skills, expert teaching staff, and state of the art simulation technology have attracted thousands of healthcare professionals to the ESI since our doors first opened in 1991.

Discover our ideal learning environment, experience the guidance of experienced trainers and gain new skills using the latest technology.

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In addition to our regular courses, these additional events will take place in the next few weeks:


9. Adipositas Symposium


17.-18. March 2016
European Surgical Institute


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Patient Safety: Safer Surgery through Continuous Professional Education 

The institute reinforces Johnson&Johnson’s commitment to medical safety for HCP’s, patients and employees
by focusing on complete and flexible learning approaches and on the safe use of our medical devices.
ESI's approach:
•  Implementing Patient Safety through reporting in various ESI training courses.
• Organizing MD EMEA Patient Safety conferences at the ESI.
(e.g. EMEA Safety Conferences in 2015: Patient Safety in Surgery and 2014: Variability in Surgical Practice)
• Participating in international scientific congresses on surgical education and human factors
e.g. 9th International Meeting on Behavioural Sciences Applied to Surgery and Acute Care Settings (bsas),
Bonn, Germany, October 2015.


Last Update 31.05.2016